Los Angeles Lakers suffer 107-83 loss against Wolves

NBA, Lakers vs Timberwolves: Anthony Davis and Robert Covington

NBA, Lakers vs Wolves: Turning to the match with a couple of overtime wins Lakers were twisted around by the Timberwolves, 107-83, in a nightmare outing.

A similar story ran over as the double-digit lead evaporated after halftime for the Lakers. The third quarter was an utter mess for the hosts as they were outscored by 40-12. The lead was enlarged as much as 33 points with the fourth quarter being a formality.

Karl-Anthony Towns had 29 points to lead all scorers while D’Angelo Russell had 22 in a return to the Staples Center. Patrick Beverley and Naz Reid also had a double-digit score.

For the Lakers, it was Anthony Davis leading the way with 22 points and Russell Westbrook with 20 points. Being already down in manpower, pretty much every player except the above two had a rough match.

Right from the start, the Lakers were 11-4 behind however, they would bring a strong current of 22-4 run to build up an 11 points lead to end the first quarter.

NBA, Lakers vs Wolves: Anthony Davis and Karl-Anthony Town.
Anthony Davis and Karl-Anthony Town.

The second quarter was competitive of the lot, with many lead changes. Anthony Davis and Wayne Ellington’s three-pointers would cushion the host with six points to lead the Timberwolves 49-44 at halftime.

The visitors opened the third quarter with a 10-2 run fueled by Russell. The score stood at 60-51, aided by Patrick Beverley’s three-pointer and a three-point play. Timberwolves’ 30-4 run kept the Lakers on the backcourt most of the time. The Lakers were on a seven-minute field goal drought to give Minnesota a 73-56 lead.

When the third quarter was finished the Lakers trailed by 84-61. But the fourth-quarter opening minute turned the lead to 30 points. The comeback chance for the Lakers were shut down at that particular point.

Anthony Davis: “We got to decide who we want to be. A championship team? That’s not us right now … That’s embarrassing … No effort in the third quarter.”

That is mostly right after the last few outing, nothing is coming together for the LA Lakers. Lebron James’ absence is turning out bitter as Frank Vogel is struggling to find the balance in a midst of injury woes.

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