PKL 2021: Thalaivas and Titans played a tie.

PKL 2021, Tamil Thalaivas vs Telugu Titans: K Prapanjan jumping over the defender.

PKL 2021, Bengaluru: The regular time was not enough to get a winner between Tamil Thalaivas and Telugu Titans as it ends in a draw, 40-40.

Manjeet gets a super-10 while K. Prapanjan supported with 6 points. While Siddharth Desai, bought for 130 Lakhs, also scored a super-10 for Telugu Titans.

It was Telugu Titans with an early lead of four points with 13 minutes to go in the first half. The lead increased when Tamil Thalaivas lost all their players and faced an all-out. 15-7.

However, closing the half, Tamil Thalaivas would bounce back with some fiery raids and tackles. It was Manjeet who was making this happen. Tamil Thalaivas was leading by two points at the break.

PKL 2021, Bengaluru: Tamil Thalaivas vs Telugu Titans.
Tamil Thalaivas vs Telugu Titans.

The second half was silent and the lead was changing like a see-saw. However, Tamil Thalaivas suddenly jumped out to a 9 point advantage with 3 minutes to go.

Rajnish Dalal’s two-point raid cut the deficit to 7 points and started the impossible comeback. Siddharth soon followed it with a super raid and thus further narrowing the lead down.

It forced an all-out for Tamil Thalaivas and Telugu was leading by 1 point. But then the Thalaivas came out to lead by one point and the affair went to the last raid.

Manjeet for Tamil Thalaivas was raiding and Telugu needed to stop Manjeet from returning empty-handed. They did that and it ended the game with a score of 40-40.

PKL 2021, Tamil Thalaivas vs Telugu Titans, Match 2 highlights.


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