Warriors Survive Pacers At Indiana.

NBA, Warriors vs Pacers: Draymond Green reacts after a basket.

NBA, Warriors vs Pacers, Indiana: A fighting win for the Golden State Warriors after a defeat in their last game. The defense stood up at the last moment to take the game with 102-100.

Leading his team with 26 points, Stephen Curry was on the move. However, his efficiency has dropped over the past few games, shooting 8-20 from the field while turning the ball over seven times.

The Warriors were far more efficient from the field all game (the Warriors shot 50% from the field compared to Indiana’s 40.2%), but a combination of Dubs turnovers and fouls gave the Pacers plenty of room to operate.

NBA, Warriors vs Pacers, Indiana: Stephen Curry.
Stephen Curry.

Rookies given chance and stepped up at that opportunity. Especially, Jonathan Kuminga giving Golden State Warriors some quality minutes off the bench finishing the game with +11 in the first half.

Domantas Sabonis was amazing throughout the game. Taking advantage of not having the right size big in the visitor’s lineup, scoring up a game-high 30 points pairing up with 11 rebounds.

The 76ers gave the Warriors bench a hard time the last time out, but they surely took that into consideration and operated it nicely against the hosts. Otto Porter Jr. racked up 10 points and 6 rebounds, however, he struggled a lot to guard Sabonis inside the paint.

Finishing with 15 points, 9 boards, 5 assists, Draymond Green was the guy keeping the visitors within the striking distance. Making some clutch shots and layups while their strike attackers were having a day off offensively.

NBA, Warriors vs Pacers, Indiana: Stephen Curry.
Stephen Curry.

The Warriors’ outside shooting woes (26.7% from three-point land) and turnovers were significantly self-inflicted. Still, the Pacers also committed to forcing the Dubs’ weaker offensive players to beat them in an even more dramatic way than usual.

Center Kevon Looney was giving a hard time to the pacers. Capitalizing on the hosts’ sluggish approach scoring 14 points on 70% shooting. Looney somehow made the game-winning basket to prove handy in a clutch situation.

Stephen Curry is just one three away from tieing the all-time made threes of Ray Allen. But it is undeniable that Curry is running from a rough patch. Golden State is 22-5 and has still been an incredibly challenging opponent despite his recent slump. Still, everyone is hoping the bright lights of New York will spark a historic performance from Steph worth remembering.

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