Anand congratulates Raja Rithvik after seizing the GM norm.

Raja Ritvik becomes India's 70th GM

Chennai, Sep 20 (PTI) R Raja Rithvik became India’s 70th and latest Chess Grandmaster by achieving the third and final Grandmaster norm during a competition at the Rithvik Hall in Hungary. Vishwanath Anand congratulates him.

Former world champion and India’s chess great Viswanathan Anand congratulated 17-year-old Raja Rithvik of Warangal for joining the Grandmaster Club.

The country’s first Grandmaster Anand tweeted on Monday, “Congratulations Raja Ritwik on becoming the 70th Grandmaster of India. A very proud moment to increase our numbers.”

Raja Ritvik becomes India's 70th GM. Anand tweets congratulation. Twitter.
Raja Ritvik becomes India’s 70th GM. Twitter

The All India Chess Federation also congratulated Raja Ritwik for becoming a Grandmaster.

Raja Ritwik achieved his first Grandmaster norm in 2019 while his second and third norm were achieved in less than a month.

After achieving the second norm in the Skalika Open, the Indian player completed his eligibility for the Grandmaster title by achieving the third norm in the first Saturday Grandmaster tournament.

He touched the 2500 ELO rating mark in the fourth round of the tournament by defeating Vaklav Finek.

Harshit Raja of Pune became the 69th Grandmaster of India last month.

He scored his final GM-norm in the First Saturday event and touched the magical 2500 in the 4th round of Vezerkepzo GM Mix 2021-09 after beating Vaclav Finek!

17-year-old Rithvik scored his final GM-norm three days before crossing 2500 in the live ratings. He beat Vaclav Finek in the 4th round of Vezerkepzo GM Mix 2021-09 to take his live rating to 2501.9