Vishwanath Anand leads India to beat Ukraine in QF.

Anand led India, beat Ukraine in Online Chess Olympiad

Anand led India, held off a fighting Ukraine via the tie-breaker to enter the semi-finals of the FIDE Online Chess Olympiad on Monday with B Adhiban, D Harika, and Nihal Sarin playing key roles.

In the blitz tie-break, India crushed Ukraine 5-1 thanks to wins from Adhiban, Harika, Sarin, and R Vaishali storm into the last four.

India’s top woman player Koneru Humpy drew her game against Iulija Osmak while Vidit Gujrathi, playing on top board shared honors with veteran Vasyl Ivanchuk as the former world champion Vishwanath Anand as he was rested.

In the blitz tie-break, Adhiban broke the defense of Kirill Shevchenko in 36 moves in a Larsen Indian variation game. Daniil Medvedev wins the US OPEN 2021 title.

The Ukraine player had in the two regular games held his own, drawing against P Harikrishna and beating Vidit Gujrathi.

Ukraine bounced back after losing the first round 2-4 by trumping India 3.5-2.5 in the second to force the blitz tie-breaks.

Anand: Nihal Sarin with a perfect score. Twitter.
Nihal Sarin with a perfect score. Twitter.

In the second round, R Praggnanandhaa was playing in place of Nihal Sarin, immediately posted the first win for India, beating Platon Galperin with white pieces. The young GM underlined his supremacy, securing victory in just 20 moves in a Sicilian variation game.

Harika extended India’s lead by getting the better of Natalia Zhukova in 32 moves with white pieces. She had in the first game of the quarterfinal beaten her opponent.

While Anand drew a second straight game against long-time rival Ivanchuk, Vidit Gujrathi who came in for P Harikrishna lost to Kirill Shevchenko.

However, the defeat of Humpy at the hands of IM Iulija Osmak in a marathon 114-move game secured a win for Ukraine.

In the first set of matches, Anand and Ivanchuk played out a draw while Harikrishna, Humpy, and Vaishali also shared honors with their respective opponents. Harika and Sarin scored important wins over Natalia Buksa and Platon Galperin.

India awaits the winner of the USA-Kazakhstan quarterfinal to be played later tonight in Tuesday’s semifinals.


Round 1: India beat Ukraine 4-2 (Anand drew with Ivanchuk, Harikrishna drew with Shevchenko, Humpy drew Osmak, Harika beat Buksa, Sarin beat Galperin, Vaishali beat Mariia Berdnyk). 

Round 2: India lost to Ukraine 2.5-3.5 (Anand drew Ivanchuk, Vidit Gujrathi lost to Shevchenko, Humpy lost to Osmak, Harika beat Natalia Zhukova, Pragganandhaa beat Galperin, Vaishali lost to Berdnyk). 

Tie-break: India beat Ukraine 5-1 (Vidit Gujrathi drew Ivanchuk, B Adhiban beat Shevchenko, Humpy drew Osmak, Harika beat Buksa, Sarin beat Galperin, Vaishali beat Berdnyk).


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