US OPEN: Medvedev Stuns Djokovic For His First Slam.

Daniil Medvedev wins the US OPEN 2021 finals

US OPEN 2021: Men’s finale between Daniil Medvedev and Novak Djokovic was a straight-set fight. Djokovic was particularly struggling to keep shots on the court. Not his day for sure. However, Medvedev was very impressive with his serving. Putting some wonderful aces down the court.

Right from the start, Djokovic attacked fiercely but he was making too many unforced errors. Medvedev took the opportunities from the errors to break the first game. Serving to increase the advantage the Russian put in some clearly visible effort to strike down some thunderous aces.

It was looking like Daniil will be ahead by more after getting the opportunity to break the second serve too. But Novak was on his feet to tie it up with some aces of his own. Some quit games after that for some time.

Medvedev was wracking havoc with his serving. Djokovic seems to have no answer for them as it seemed. With that effort, Medvedev conquered the first set 6-4. But, it was not at all clear as we have seen Novak blowing their opponents after dropping that first set. Fans were hoping for the same to give the game a new life. Emma Raducanu lifts US OPEN Women’s title.

Daniil Medvedev beats Novak Djokovic to win US OPEN title. Twitter.
Daniil Medvedev beats Novak Djokovic to win US OPEN title. Twitter.

FUN FACT: It was the 9th match head to head between the two. With Novak Djokovic having an upper hand with 5 wins versus Daniil’s 3. The last meeting was in the Australian Open in the current year where Novak got better of Daniil 7-5, 6-2, 6-2.

Second set expectations were high from Novak to tie the game. He was up to the task of holding his serve and gathering 3 breakpoints. However, Daniil was not the one fooling around. He paddled hard to defuse one after another to basically win the game. Novak was very frustrated with the errors he was making, but he stayed calm nevertheless.

The Serbian then came back strong tie the set at 2-2 breaking Daniil’s service which is you know not easy. But the errors continued to show up even more now while Daniil continue to roar with some fantastic winners. He was in the zone playing the best tennis he has played around after quite some time. Medvedev with authority took the set 6-4.

Novak was unable to gather himself up missing easy shots. His frustration was growing larger and he was getting irritated too. He definitely showed some glimpses of why he is number 1 but that glimpse did not last long. Medvedev continued the pattern of the game and broke early in the third as well.

Novak Djokovic after frustrating US OPEN finals lose. Twitter
Novak Djokovic after frustrating US OPEN finals lose. Twitter

Novak had definitely had some plans for Daniil but was not able to execute them at all. The situation got worse from bad with Daniil leading the set 4-1. There was one moment where Daniil showed his nervousness, He was serving for the match with a set point in the bag. but he double-faulted twice to give the Serbian an opportunity to take the game which he happily took.

Again Daniil had the chance to serve out the set and the match. He was quite focused this time with his serving and winning the match again with 6-4. The best Anniversary gift he can have was the US OPEN title.

Post Finals Interview with the US OPEN finalists.

Novak Djokovic: This wasn’t your match but my goodness was this your year. 27 straight victories in major tournament play. You inspired your competitors and all of us. I like you to take a moment and tell us your thoughts, offer your thanks.

“(Crowd Roaring) Thank you so much, guys. I would like to start by saying congratulations to Daniil. Amazing match, amazing tournament. If there’s anyone that deserves a grand slam title right now is you. So, well done. To your team, you have an amazing team. You are one of the greatest guys on the tour, we get along very well. I wish you many grand slams and many more majors to follow. I am sure that you will be on this stage in the future again.”

“I was thinking in both scenarios kind of visualizing myself standing here in front of you guys and what I would say? And I would like to say that, tonight even though I have not won the match, my heart is filled with joy, and I am the happiest man alive because you guys made me feel very special in the court.”

“You guys touched my soul and I have never felt like this in New York, Honestly I have never felt like this. I love you guys, thank you so much for your support. Everything you have done tonight for me, I love you and I’ll see you soon. Thank You.”

US OPEN: Daniil Medvedev wins his first major grand slam. Twitter
Daniil Medvedev wins his first major grand slam. Twitter

Daniil Medvedev: You, we have some questions for. Let’s began with condragulations, you are a majors champion. It’s a long way from 2 years ago, when you lost 5 sets to Nadal here and you said ‘You would learn and you would grow’. What did it take to come back two years later and take this title?

“Well, first of all, I think it’s the first time I am so nervous saying my speech. I mean, First of all, I wanna say Sorry for you fans and Novak because we all know what he was going for today. And I just wanna say that everything you have accomplished this year and throughout your career. I don’t say this to anybody but I say it here ‘For me, you are the greatest tennis player in the history’.”

“I would like to finish my speech on a sweet note. It’s third anniversary for me and my wife today. And you know during the tournament I could not think of any present or anything but when I went in the final after the semis I thought ok if I lose I need to find a present fast. But when I won, the only thing I thought well if I lose I have no time to have a present so I have to win this match. I love you, Daria and I mean thanks a lot.”

“Only last thing, Only legend will understand. What I did after the match was L2+left. Thank You guys.”

Watch the highlights of US OPEN 2021 Men’s Finals. HERE.


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