US OPEN: Djokovic ensures a place in the finals beating Zverev.

Novak Djokovic after US OPEN semifinals

US OPEN 2021: Novak Djokovic enters US open finals for the 9th time beating the German, Alexander Zverev in the semifinals. This game was a typical one as the pattern continues with Djokovic losing the first set but winning the match after all.

The first set started with both players playing extraordinary tennis. They were winning their own serves and not giving opponents any chance to break. BreakPoint emerged for Zverev when the set was tied 4-4. He succeeded to break the game and serving the set out 6-4.

No one was in the mood to cut it loose. But Djokovic got better of the german in the second set with an early break. The set was completely dominated by the Serbian champion breaking back-to-back games to serve out the set 6-2.

Novak Djokovic after beating Zverev in the US OPEN 2021 semifinals.
Novak Djokovic after beating Zverev in the US OPEN 2021 semifinals. Twitter.

Both players were facing each other for the 10th time. Novak has dominated Zverev with a score of 6 versus Zverev’s 3. The last meeting between them was in the Tokyo Olympics semifinals where Zverev won. Andy Murray’s US OPEN journey ends in the first round.

Set 3 was also won by Djokovic but Zverev showed a better resilience this time. Djokovic was leading the set 5-4 with Zverev serving. Djokovic doubled the effort to break the German. It was a game of long rallies but eventually, Djokovic took the set 6-4.

But Zverev still had fuel left in the tank. He broke early with a superb forehand winner down the court. He never looked back from there. The match went to the decider set after Zverev had the opportunity to serve out the set. He grabbed the set in style with a cross-court ace.

The experience Djokovic has accumulated thus far was in action as he took game after game to take the set score at 5-0. Zverev had the last push by winning back-to-back games to cut the deficit 5-2. But Novak Djokovic was not letting it happen as he broke the serve and take the set and also the match.

Watch the highlights of the US OPEN 2021 semifinals. Djokovic vs Zverev here.

Alexander Zverev after losing the US OPEN semifinals.
Alexander Zverev after losing the US OPEN semifinals. Twitter.

US OPEN Post match interview with Novak Djokovic.

Novak Djokovic on Zverev.

“Alexander is a big champion. He is someone that I admire on and off the court. We get along very well. He is definitely one of my best friends. We train a lot, we see each other a lot in Monaco where he resides. He is a great guy and even a better player. I knew coming into the court today that it is going to be a great battle as we said prior to this match. I hope that we brought energy and show for all of you who came here tonight in the stadium.”

Novak Djokovic on his mental strength.

“You don’t wanna know. There is a lot of emotions I guess it’s a hurricane of emotions you are going through in a sequence of one set even one point. You are by yourself on the court. So, there is no escape you have to find the way and I think over the years I have managed to develop a formula that works for me. There are many factors, many elements that come into plays. There is no secret potion or one thing that I highlight and say this is the secret of success. It is just many things combined. Tennis is very beautiful sport but very demanding sport and you gotta have your mind and body balanced at all times if you wanna compete at the highest level for the biggest trophies. So, I have been blessed and grateful to be at this stage for a long time.”