Atletico Madrid vs Getafe: Suarez doubles up for victory.

Luis Saurez celebrating after two goals

Atletico Madrid vs Getafe, LaLiga: Getafe has been performing very well giving a tough fight to the top teams in the table. This game showed no difference as Madrid had to work hard for a win. Suarez was excellent with his attack as he was the lone scorer for the victor.

The first half an hour was pretty tight with both teams trying to score. Getafe were getting the position to open the account but you know that slight finishing touch was missing.

An opportunity for Getafe to go ahead, Jaime Mata with the ball inside the box with Trippier guarding him. Mata hammers it down the far post, rolling down to the corner with pace. Oblak comes to the rescue diving to his left full stretch hands and body, pushed the ball away for a corner. What a chance! and equally good save!

The game was building up slowly but it was going in for a rollercoaster. five minutes after the Oblak’s heroic Suarez fires a cannon on the other. He could have gone anywhere but instead, he went straight to the keeper. Soria got a heavy piece to the ball but unfortunately, its land on Correa’s feet. He follows up but miscues it badly, nowhere near the post.

Atletico Madrid vs Getafe in action. Twitter
Atletico Madrid vs Getafe in action. Twitter

Simone is frustrated and so are the fans. They were destined to go one up. They would not be getting an open goalpost than that. Half time was nearly up, with just a minute to go.

Atletico Madrid‘s defense clear the ball but not the way they would have wanted. Maksimovic gets the ball and finds the space for a cross, he delivers the cross with so many players conversing at the receiving end. Stefan Mitrovic gets the header to the inside of the post. Oblak tried to clear the ball with his hand but unfortunately, it was an own goal.

Change in strategy from both sides during the halftime meeting. Madrid is now on the charge dominating possession. On the other side, Getafe has gone deep inside the fortress to defend and trying to hold on to the lead.

Some drama between the game as Carles Alena is out from the game via a red card. Getafe are down to 10 men now. The game has now turned upside down. Suddenly a glare of hope for Madrid from an unexpected door.

Atletico Madrid vs Getafe: Suarez and Cunha are in action against Getafe. Twitter
Suarez and Cunha are in action against Getafe. Twitter

Just minutes after the red card, Soria keeps Getafe into the game with a miraculous double save. Correa shots the ball from inches outside the goal kick box, but his off-balance body could not generate enough power to beat Soria. Soria does a fantastic job to get a hand at it but Suarez is lurking to tap it in. He fires but Soria was up to the task throwing his entire body onto the ball. What an effort from the Spaniard!

Hermosa finds himself open. He analyzes the movement and crosses the ball into the box. Suarez was quick to get away from his marker to receive the ball. One-touch and boom goal! Madrid levels at the 78th minute.

There is not much time left for Madrid to go for a win. Time is running, with Getafe holding their nerve in a very tense moment. It looked like a dead draw when at the last minute, Vrsaljko’s cross flew into the box. Trippier rises up to heads it away, he misses the ball and Suarez takes advantage. He just taps the ball with his head into the net with ease.

Game over for Getafe, They defended extremely well but sometimes it’s not your day. What a game we had at our hands.

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