Lakers vs Suns Final Score: Lakers down 0-2 after Suns proving too strong

Lakers vs Suns Final Score: Lakers down 0-2 after Suns proving too strong

Lakers vs Suns Final Score, NBA: Leading from the front, Chris Paul scoring 23 points, and dishing 14 assists kept Lakers at bay for the majority of the match. This loss keeps Los Angeles Lakers winless to start the campaign.

The host were led by Lebron James scoring 25 points and Russell Westbrook with 22 points, 11 assists, and nine assists but was not enough despite decent performances in the first and final quarters.

Chris Paul reaches 20000 points and 10000 assists and became the first player to reach this milestone. Lakers were unable to guard Paul offensively and they themselves were ineffective in running ineffective offensive play for longer periods.

Lakers vs Suns, NBA: Devin Booker.
Devin Booker.

The second quarter was a nightmare for the Lakers being outscored by their 18 to Suns 34 points. Rather than bouncing back in the next quarter, the same worrisome story continued where Suns scored 37 points to Lakers just 23 points.

Although LA Lakers destroyed the Suns in the fourth quarter, it was in vain. Anthony Davis scoring 22 points was inefficient from the field. Carmelo Anthony too scored 16 points in his 25 minutes of playtime.

The visitors were lit up by Mikal bridges helping the leaders with his own 21 points while Ayton grabbed 15 rebounds and scored 8 points. Off the bench, support was also crucial from Javale McGee with 9 points.

For the Host, Avery Badley and Kent Bazemore had a rough night. Unable to disrupt the scoreboard at all. The Lakers need to come up with a plan and soon.

Lakers vs Suns, NBA: Chris Paul
Chris Paul

Field Goal% was 48.5% for the Suns against Lakers 29.5%, the difference seems large when the total shot taken was equal for both teams. The turnovers were also an issue for the Lakers from the last two seasons now and they seem to have no answer for that.

Suns dominated the paint with double points as compared to the Lakers’ 26 points. Although the three points were decent for the Lakers they overall lacked the sharpness and chemistry in both games.

Talking about the chemistry, Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard had a sideline skirmish in the second quarter. And then Rajon Rondo clashes with a fan to get the fan ejected.

In short, this team has a lot to work on and fix, and they’re clearly feeling the frustration. Responding to it better than they did for most of a game that saw them show some fight to everyone — the referees, each other — except the Suns will be key if they’re going to dig their way out of these early issues.

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