Pro Kabaddi 2021 highlights: Day 5 recap, Double header.

Pro Kabaddi 2021 highlights: Maninder Singh getting out against Bengaluru Bulls.

Pro Kabaddi 2021 highlights, PKL, Bengaluru: Day 5 was the first double-header of the season. Marking two of the best teams in action. PKL 2021, Day 4 recap, here.

The first match-up was between the Gujarat Giants and Dabang Delhi. Which seems on paper a slight advantage for Delhi. However, That didn’t pan out on the mat. The match ended in a tie on the last raid of the match. Gujarat Giants vs Dabang Delhi highlights 2021, 24-24.

The second match-up was between the host and the defending champion Bengal Warriors. Again the Warriors were on the advantage against the Bulls. However, the hosts on the home mat stop the unbeaten run of the Bengal Warriors. Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors highlights 2021, 36-35.

Pro Kabaddi 2021 highlights, PKL, Bengaluru: Rakesh Sungroya reading against Dabang Delhi.
Rakesh Sungroya reading against Dabang Delhi.

Pro Kabaddi 2021 highlights: Gujarat Giants vs Dabang Delhi.

A slow match in action, and no teams were successful in getting the other team all out. It was again a raiders game where out of 48 points 31 were scored by them.

Gujarat Giants were one point ahead in tackle points while Delhi equalized that advantage with one extra raid point. Naveen Kumar shuffled out a super-10 yet again with 11 points. For Gujarat, It was Rakesh Narwal just a point short of Super-10, keeping the Giants in the game.

The skipper is back in the points category, as Sunil Kumar was superb. Grabbing four tackle points of the total five-point Gujarat scored in defense. Ravinder Pahal grabbed one while Girish Ernak and Parvesh Bhainswal had to finish the game empty-handed.

Dabang Delhi’s, skipper, Joginder Singh Narwal, Manjeet Chillar, and Jeeva Kumar all had zero points. It shows the domination of the raiders in this outing. Sandeep Narwal got two points while Ajay Thakur and Krishan got one point each.

Teams were trying hard to make the other team all out but it won’t happen. Delhi were down to three men and then suddenly Gujarat were down to three men and it continued for 40 minutes long.

A game that makes you jump out of your seats. Pro Kabaddi 2021 highlights, Gujarat Giants vs Dabang Delhi highlights 2021.

Pro Kabaddi 2021 highlights, PKL, Bengaluru: Pawan Kumar getting ankle hold by Nabibakhsh.
Pawan Kumar getting ankle hold by Nabibakhsh.

Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors: Mighty Maninder.

The host survives the Bengal Warriors surge to remain unbeaten. Pawan Kumar secured a super-10 yet again finishing with 15 points. Chandran Ranjit didn’t had much success ending with just 3 points. Making it a total of 23 raid points.

The skipper leading from the front for the defending champion, Maninder Singh was unstoppable. His power and strength was too much for the Bengaluru Bulls to handle. Finishing with 17 points. Adding another four points from Nabibakhsh got a total of 22 points for the Bengal Warriors.

It was the Warriors jumping out to an early lead and destroying the Bulls. That particular phase was hard cheese for the hosts. Bulls were down 14-5 with 7:34 to go.

However, they recovered from there. Their defense made out for that early lead and started a slow recovery which eventually helped Pawan to regain his touch. His 7 points raid would enforced an allout on Bengal and gain 1 point lead with 2 minutes to the break.

Pawan Kumar would continue his run and gave a steady scoring to the Bulls. As much as he was performing, Bull’s defense was nowhere to be seen in the ending phase.

The momentum shifted its course and now the Bulls were leading by 28-21 after 8:30 remaining. However, the Warriors just like the hosts would recover and would tie the game at 33-all with just 30 seconds to go.

Lee Dong-geon was substituted and he on his first raid grabbed two points which was enough to take the win. Pro Kabaddi 2021 highlights, Bengal Warriors vs Bengaluru Bulls highlights 2021.

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