Pro Kabaddi League season 8: Haryana too tough for the Warriors.

Pro Kabaddi League Season 8: Vikash Khandola, Maninder Singh, and Nabibakhsh.

Pro Kabaddi League, Season 8: Bengal Warriors continue to look off-color as Haryana is too hot to handle. A 41-37 win for Haryana takes them sixth in the PKL points table.

Bengal Warriors although were neck and neck in the total raid points but out of 21 raid points, touchpoints were only 8. Bonus Points give you only points but touchpoint will give you a chance to get the team all-out, which Bengal missed.

Haryana on the other end took a total of 24 raid points and out of which 20 points were touchpoints. That makes a huge difference. Metu completes a super-10 outscoring his fellow raider Vikash Khandola by two points.

Mohit lifted the Steelers in the defensive department with four tackle points while Surender Nada used his experience to collect three tackle points. Jaideep also had three points with one being a super-tackle.

It was Bengal Warriors leading by three early points. Using that momentum they were able to give Haryana an all-out and increase their advantage to five points.

Pro Kabaddi League, Season 8: Vikash Khandola raiding against Bengal Warriors.
Vikash Khandola raiding against Bengal Warriors.

The first half’s end was nearer and Haryana had the chance to cut that five points. They made good use of that last raid and were able to reduce the lead to just three points.

Just as the second half started, Bengal Warriors were all-out and the score was tied 18-18. Haryana Steelers gained much-needed momentum and consistently led the match to three points.

With 7 minutes to go, Bengal Warriors had their second blackout phase and had a 5 points deficit. From there on, it was just a formality. Haryana clinches a win and jumped to the sixth position in the PKL points table.

Maninder Singh got 14 points but 9 of them were bonuses which are less attractive. Nabibakhsh showing his around play collected nine points. Sachin Vittala’s huge high-five led their defense. Darshan and Abozar got two tackles each.

Pro Kabaddi League Season 8, Haryana Steelers vs Bengal Warriors highlights.