Warriors vs Grizzlies: Ja Morrant hands Warriors their first loss of the NBA season.

Warriors vs Grizzlies, NBA: Ja Morant driving

Warriors vs Grizzlies, NBA: Memphis Grizzlies hands Golden State Warriors their first loss of this NBA season, 104-101. The game went into overtime to decide the winner, where Grizzlies came out on top.

Warriors were sloppy in their play and it proved to be the key. Unlike their last game, the Warriors were pretty energetic on the court and showed great enthusiasm, and were also hustling for the ball. It was that they could not execute their energy in the right direction.

Jumping to an early first-quarter lead of 17 points, Stephen Curry and Otto Porter Jr., were offensively on their toes. But without Curry at the start of the second quarter, Grizzlies went on a 14-0 run to get back in the game.

Warriors vs Grizzlies, NBA: Draymond Green and Brooks.
Draymond Green and Brooks.

Turnovers were everywhere. Turning over from a dribble, mispass, poor communication, over-excited passing, and some great defensive play from Memphis defense increased the turnover counts.

The low point came with just 67 seconds remaining in regulation. The Dubs had just earned a stop in a tied game, and Damion Lee handed off the rebound to Draymond Green. Green walked the ball up the court, calling a play, but not paying attention to the clock. He got an eight-second violation while still about eight feet away from halfcourt.

Stephen Curry missed a buzzer-beater three, it was a good look, in the final moments of the tied game to enter the overtime realm.

Overtime showed a similar story. Curry starting from fiery shooting went into the shell. He was devoid of connecting even a single shot in the fourth quarter as well as the overtime.

Warriors vs Grizzlies, NBA: Steph Curry and Ja Morant.
Steph Curry and Ja Morant.

The only player to score for the Warriors was Damion Lee. Lee got a great look in the final seconds to tie the game, too, but this time his three only went two-thirds of the way down before popping out.

”The last two shots in regulation, the last one, the game-winner, looked good,” Curry said. ”Those are two shots I’d take every day of the week. Overtime, I think I pressed a little bit, maybe settled a little bit, especially when I didn’t have it going from 3, and not getting into the paint and getting my runners off, getting the ball moving. Little critical of myself on those last three shots.”

Warriors conceded 23 turnovers, including five named after Curry. Although he scored 36 points, his second-half shooting deteriorated his final stats to just 11-for-29, and 7-for-20 from deep.

Warriors vs Grizzlies, NBA: Steph Curry.
Steph Curry.

Green also had five of them, and Jordan Poole had six in a game he’ll want to quickly forget. While Curry — one of the league’s best scorers — had a spectacular start and a harsh end, one of the league’s other top scorers, Ja Morant, did the contrary.

Finishing with 30 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, and 4 steals, while shooting 11-for-22 from the field, Ja Morant’s destruction came in the second half. And that was enough to hand the Dubs their first loss.

”He’s just taken huge steps all around, as a player, as a leader, he’s finding his voice,” coach Taylor Jenkins said. ”… His voice is just resonating throughout.”

Warriors next game is on Saturday at home against Thunders, who themselves will be on the seventh sky defeating Lakers the way they did.

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