Belgium vs France: France victorious with a last minute winner

Belgium vs France: Griezmann after the match

Belgium vs France, Nations League: A bad second-half defensive performance by Belgium makes them lose against the 2018 world cup champions. The first half was all about Belgium, having 2 goals scored already without any damage on their side.

But magical France stepped up with a great comeback in the match. They scored 3 goals in the second half, in which the Belgian defense is also to be blamed. France reaches in the nations league final and is to be matched against Spain.

Belgium had a great start of their own with handling the game in the first half. Having a majority of the possession They managed to score the first goal of the match in the 37th minute. Ferreira Carrasco produced it for Belgium by firing it at the first pole and giving no chance for Lloris to move towards and ball.

Belgium vs France: Kevin de Bruyne in action
Kevin de Bruyne in action

Just having scored the second goal came to their aid at 40th. Romelu Lukaku buried it past Lloris into the net with a power shot from a tight angle. Kevin De Bruyne again was the one to pass the ball and received an assist as a reward.

Hugo Lloris saved France from the clutches of Belgium many times over in the first half by producing some brilliant saves and stopping the Belgians to get any more goals.

The second half was written by France, they were the ones handling the game. With bad defensive mistakes and committing man forward, Belgium had a worst second half. Karim Benzema scored the first for France, an unbelievable goal having no chance of scoring, He was guarded by four men and still managed to fire it behind the line into the bottom corner.

Belgium vs France: Kylian Mbappe celebrating his goal.
Kylian Mbappe celebrating his goal.

69th minute was the time when the leveler came for France. Kylian Mbappe scored it from penalty given by Youri Tielemans on committing foul on Griezmann.

Courtois came up with many saves to atone for the defensive mistakes.
He managed to save a shot from Paul Pogba who fired it between the defender when the keeper was still on the ground, But the keeper reached for the ball and kept it out.

At 90th minute the winner came for France. Hernandez was the one who scored this time over. Fired from the D line into the net. The keeper had a touch on the ball but was not able to keep it out causing the victory for France.

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