K Mbappe: I wanted to leave PSG.

Kylian Mbappe and Neymar

Kylian Mbappe is one of the best youngsters in the world right now. Real Madrid were interested in him this summer, but PSG denied the amount and the proposal. K Mbappe opens up after that drama to clarify the air.

K Mbappe on real Madrid proposal.

“I wanted to leave PSG. When I say leave, I’m talking about Real Madrid. Real made an offer. I thought that my time at PSG was over. Leaving was the logical next step”.

On Premier League clubs.

“Other clubs? NO. I am attached to Paris, and if I had left this summer it would have ONLY been for Real Madrid”.

On his decision this summer.

“Before the Euros, I told Paris Saint-Germain that I didn’t want to renew, and after the Euros I said I wanted to leave. My ambition was for everyone to move forward hand in hand, the selling club, the buying club and me. But they [PSG] said no and wanted me to stay”.

K Mbappe: PSG cheering for fans.
PSG cheering for fans.

K Mbappe on Leo Messi’s arrival.

“I was NOT changing my mind [on his desire to leave PSG] because of Leo Messi’s arrival… it’s a privilege, he’s great but I don’t make decisions on sudden impulses. I had made my decisions and I had thought long and hard about it”.

On new contract with PSG.

“I stayed at PSG and I’m really happy […]. But we’re far from signing a new contract and staying, as I wanted to leave this summer. With regard to my situation, we haven’t been discussing a renewal for two months, since I said I wanted to leave. And also future is not my priority now”.

On his behavior.

“This season you will never see behavior from me like ‘You guys didn’t let me go, I’m going to take it easy’. I love football too much and I have too much respect for PSG, and for myself, to ease off even one match”.

On his future in 2022.

“Am I going to leave 100%? I’ve been in football long enough now to know that yesterday’s truth is not necessarily today’s. If I was told that Messi was going to play at PSG, I wouldn’t have believed it…
so you never know what’s going to happen.”

He only wants to play for real Madrid. he said either this summer or next summer as a free agent he would like to join Real for his future plans. He also denied a renewal contract with PSG. So it can be concluded that he can move next summer. 

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