F1: Daniel Ricciardo wins Monza after Lewis and Max collide.

F1: Daniel Ricciardo wins at Monza

F1 Italian GP: Daniel Ricciardo won at Monza after Hamilton and Verstappen collide with each other at turn 2. Norris finished just after Ricciardo, confirming third place for himself. Valtteri, who started the race in the last grid, finished 3rd as Sergio Perez was given a 5 seconds penalty.

F1: Lando Norris comes second to make McLaren 1-2. Twitter.
Lando Norris comes second to make McLaren 1-2. Twitter.

Many drivers did not finish the race, Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly were retired at the start of the race. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton crashed with each other and couldn’t continue the race further. Lastly, Nikita Mazepin retired due to engine issues.

The start of the race was very helpful for Daniel Ricciardo as he took the lead and went ahead of Max. Lewis also gained 1 place at the start by overtaking Lando Norris, But when trying to take Max he was forced wide giving Norris the opportunity to recapture his place back.

Valtteri gained 5 places in the starting few laps itself. Mercedes had a perfect strategy for both of their drivers to start in the hard compound while everybody else was starting in their yellow mediums.

F1: Lewis Hamilton after crash at Monza. Twitter.
Lewis Hamilton after crash at Monza. Twitter.

Lap 26 when Hamilton came out of pit lane and tried to start the lap ahead of Max led to a wheel-to-wheel competition for the place and both of them collided with each other.

The rest of the race couldn’t find any changes as the DRS was useless because it was flat enough for the race.

Max is given a three-place grid penalty after the crash with Hamilton for the next Grand Prix happening in Russia.

F1: F1's unique celebration after Monza posium. Twitter.
F1’s unique celebration after Monza podium. Twitter.

F1: Norris would have loved to go for a win but flashes of Hamilton and Verstappen made him stay at 2nd place:

“I got a bit closer on one lap,” said Norris, “and I don’t know why but I had a few flashes of seeing the incident between Max and Lewis because I saw it quite well in my mirrors. So when I thought, maybe I’ll try, that kind of was flashing up in my head, and I thought, maybe this isn’t the wisest decision.

“I would have loved to go for the win,” admitted Norris, “but our first and second, I think I’m just as happy with. The feeling I get for the team is a priority over my own feeling in a way.

“I’m here for many more years I hope, especially with McLaren and the whole team, so I feel like I still have an opportunity in the future to try and go for it. But in this moment and instance, I was happy just staying where I was.” 

Watch the race highlights. HERE.

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