F1: Rain betrays Norris as Lewis wins his 100th GP at Sochi

F1 Sochi Gp: Lewis Hamilton win shis 100th GP

F1: Lewis Hamilton has done it. 100th GP win for the british legend and a step closer to achieve one more milestone of winning 8 driver championships. Heavy rain strongly affects Lando Norris in the last few laps of the race and gets him put of the competition for Lewis.

Bad decision from Lando Norris by not going in pit lane early when the rain started. The slippery track helped Lewis to win the race and Norris finished 8th.

F1: Lando Norris finishes eighth after a strategic breakdown. Twitter
Lando Norris finishes eighth after a strategic breakdown. Twitter

Max Verstappen gain a lot of positions and finished 2nd just behind Lewis. Verstappen tried to push to as many positions as possible resulting in early wear of his tire and had to pit with Lewis Hamilton despite starting the race with a hard compound. Carlos Sainz finishes 3rd following Daniel Riccardo finishing 4th. Riccardo hold Hamilton for a long time in the start but had to pit early, but still finished 4th.

The start of the race was not that good for Hamilton as he was 7th after the first few laps. But the pit lane strategy and tire management helped him. Carlos Sainz took an early lead ahead of Norris at the start.

F1: Max Verstappen after the match. Twitter
Max Verstappen after the match. Twitter

Bottas who was penalized to start at 16th gained 11 positions to finish 5th. He didn’t try to push himself from the start and instead decided to push at the end which helped him a great deal of finish. George Russell couldn’t continue his Q3 form and lost 7 position finishing 10th to get only 1 point. He did not have that pace to deal with the faster cars.

Fernando Alonso finished with a decent performance and place. He finished 6th following Lando Norris.

Nicholas Latifi and Mick Schumacher did not finish the race. Mick had to retire his car after an unsolved problem in his car. Latifi had a crash and couldn’t finish the race.

Norris came away with Driver of the Day honors, but the pain of having a maiden Grand Prix victory wrenched away from him in the final laps with the rain falling at Sochi, in what must go down as the most entertaining and dramatic Russian Grand Prix to date. 


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