Miami Heat outmuscles Milwaukee Bucks in their season opener.

Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks: Tyler Herro

NBA, Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks: Getting swept in the very first round of the 2020-21 postseason against the defending champions, Miami Heat puts up a solid 137-95 winning performance against Milwaukee Bucks.

Visiting the FTX Arena Milwaukee Bucks were thrown down right from the jump ball. Erik Spoelstra’s Miami Heat blasted off the gates with a 22-3 run in the first six minutes.

Taking a 23 points lead in the opening quarter, with Tyler Herro’s buzzer three, marked the dominance for the hosts. They outscored the defending champions 40-17.

Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks: Tyler Herro buzzer-beater.
Tyler Herro buzzer-beater.

That early lead proved to be a nightmare for the Bucks as they slide deeper down the hole. Miami Heat came out on top in almost every department field goals%, 3 point%, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, steals, and even turnovers.

For Heat it was Tyler Herro taking the charge with 27 points, 5 assists, and 6 rebounds coming off the bench. 50% 3 point rate and 55% FG he continues last season triumph.

The scorecard for Bucks is not at all looking good. Although Giannis takes a double-double with 10 rebounds and 15 points, he had a rough night following some expert defending from the hosts.

Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks: Grayson Allen.
Grayson Allen.

Apart from Herro, who was brilliant, the much-needed support came from Jimmy Butler(21 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds) and Bam Adebayo(20 points, 13 rebounds). Adebayo was particularly good as he guarded the Greek Freak and also attacked him effortlessly.

With Brooke Lopez and Jrue Holiday’s injury Bucks were short-handed but losing by this much was unacceptable. Rising from last season’s embarrassment, this new-look Miami Heat showed a great deal of potential.

For the host too, Kyle Lowry was frozen throwing bricks on the baskets, finishing with only 5 points and better to be mute FG%. Although Duncan Robinson hit a 3 pointer in 48 games straight (3rd longest in team history), he was off for the Heat.

Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks: Jimmy Butler.
Jimmy Butler.

However, his absence went unnoticeable because of Dedmon, Yurtseven, and Vincent’s little cameos. PJ Tucker too was waiting for this match-up and lived up to the expectation for defending masterfully. Leaving PJ Tucker was unwise from Milwaukee Bucks.

Miami Heat’s bench outscored Milwaukee Bucks bench 75-42, which was huge from the final scores perspective. Bucks also performed better in the paints with 60 points whereas Bucks could only gather 38 from the inside.

Milwaukee Bucks are up against San Antonio Spurs next up, while Indiana Pacers will be Miami Heat’s opponent for the next game. What do you think of this game? Were the Heat that good or just that Bucks had a bad outing?

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