Miami Heat was too hot for setting Sun

NBA, Heat vs Suns: Miami Heat.

NBA, Heat vs Suns: On the night when Deandre Ayton, JaVale McGee, and Jae Crowder returned to the squad. The Miami Heat shoot them out of their own building, finishing making 22-44 threes (15 of 30 in the first half).

Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro combined 60 points for their team while Devin Booker and Chris Paul combined 9 turnovers to their sides. The suns never turned up defensively where the heat could bucket every deep shot they wished for.

A high-scoring first quarter where Miami Heat outscored the Phoenix Suns 33-29. But it was the second quarter that built a massive 21 point lead for the Heat going into the halftime break.

NBA, Heat vs Suns: Cameron Payne and Tyler Herro.
Cameron Payne and Tyler Herro.

It’s worth noting McGee only played 6 minutes and Jalen Smith was the back-up center for the entire second half, after a failed attempt from Monty to play him at the 4 in the first half. Also noting Book’s 13 free throws allowed him for 26 points while going 5-15 from the field.

Mikal Bridges ended the game with 20 points on 8-11 shooting but was a team-worst -24. Even worse when Cam Johnson could maintain his streak alive(15 points and 3 three points shot) he twisted his ankle in the final minutes of the game.

Phoenix Suns did come back in the third quarter but could only manage to cut two points from the lead. The final quarter was similar to the first but till that moment it was pretty much over for the Suns.

Heat were very dominant in their shooting having 50% in both Field goals and 3 point %. They also had a large number of rebounds and assist.

NBA, Heat vs Suns: Miami Heat Guard Tyler Herro.
Tyler Herro.

Tyler Herro was the man for the Heat scoring 33 points. Kyle Lowry doing his work with 13 assists to his name. Omer Yurtseven took 16 rebounds for the Heat which benefited them a lot.

Miami Heat’s bench had two stars above the 25 point mark, Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson scoring 33 and 27 points. In total Heat’s bench scored 65 points, more than half of the total points. While their opponent’s bench only had 30 points. A huge difference between the two.

The suns are now going through a 5 game road trip starting from next Tuesday.