Tokyo Olympics Basketball: Double gold for United States.

Tokyo Olympics Basketball Event

The United States won the gold medals in both men’s and women’s basketball events. It shows the pure dominance of Team USA in basketball. The semi-finals were amazing to watch.

Men’s Event:

Gold Medal: United States vs France: ( 87-82 ).

United States hold of France to win gold at the Olympics. Nothing much to separate the 2 teams. The first and second quarters saw United States taking a 5 points lead with [ 22-18 ], [ 22-21 ] respectively. 3rd quarter also was taken by united Stated but only by 3 points [ 27-24 ]. From which France could not recover. They won the 4th quarter but it was not enough [ 16-19 ].

Tokyo Olympics: United States vs France highlights

Bronze Medal: Australia vs Slovenia: ( 107-93 ).

Bronze for Australia as Slovenia could not catch up. The first quarter was pretty equal with [ 20-19 ] in Australia’s favor. It was the second quarter that decided the game with Australia outscoring Slovenia [ 33-26 ]. The second half saw a similar story. Slovenia not even winning 1 quarter with [ 25-22 ] and [ 29-26 ] the 3rd and 4th quarter scores.
Tokyo Olympics: Slovenia vs Australia

Women’s Event:

Gold Medal: United States vs Japan: ( 90-75 ).

One-sided affair as the host did not look to improve. A 9 points [ 23-14 ] lead in the 1st quarter for USA made the intention clear. The second quarter was equal [ 27-25 ]. But again in the 3rd quarter USA increased their advantage [ 25-17 ]. THe fourth quarter was won by Japan but it was too little, too late.

Tokyo Olympics: USA vs Japan

Bronze Medal: France vs Serbia: ( 91-76 ).

Similar game to the above one. France completely dominated the game. The first quarter was won by Serbia with [ 19-23 ]. Then it was [ 24-17 ], [ 27-16 ], and [ 24-20 ] for the Franch team to take down Serbia.
Tokyo Olympics: France vs Serbia

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