Tokyo Olympics Football: Quarter-Finals Report.

Tokyo Olympics Football Quarterfinals

Tokyo Olympics Football 2020 has nearly come to an end. The tournament has reached the semi-final. Tennis event reports here.

Japan olympic team - 2021 - JFA

Men Quarterfinals:

Spain vs Côte d’Ivoire.

The first half ended in a 1-1 draw. The second half also ended with equal results both sides at 2-2. It was anyone’s game at the 90 minutes mark. The match went on to extra time. Spain dominated the extra time and won the match by 5 goals to 2.

Japan vs New Zealand

The on-match score including both the halves was 0-0. The extra time also ended with no goal. The match went on to penalties. The home team, Japan, won the match in penalties. the penalty scoreline was 4-2 in Japan’s favor.

Brazil vs Egypt

Brazil entered the semi-final by winning the match with only 1 goal in hand. The Copa America runners-up scored the only goal in the first half itself. Overall it was a very close game. Both teams had many chances to recover but could not.

Mexico vs South Korea

The match ended with a very high scoreline. A total of 9 goals were scored in this match. The first half ended in Mexico’s favor with 3 goals to 1. The second half was also dominated by the Mexicans. The match ended without any extra time at 6-3.  

Women Quarterfinals:

Brazil and Canada:

The On-match score after 2 halves was 0-0. The extra time also couldn’t decide the result. The match went on to penalties. Canada won the penalty shoot-out with 4 goals to 3. Novak Djokovic out of the Olympics.

Australia and Great Britain:

The match was decided after extra time. The first half was in favor of Australia with 1 goal lead. But the second half was tied by Great Britain with 2 goals on each side. In extra-time Australia dominated by scoring 2 more goals and conceding only 1.

Japan and Sweden:

The match was decided in 90 minutes itself. Sweden went to the semis by winning against Japan 3-1. Forst half was tied at 1-1, but Sweden won by scoring 2 in the 2nd half.

United States vs Netherlands:

The last quarter-final was won by the United States against the Netherlands. The match was decided on penalties. The first half was dominated by the United States with 1 goal lead. But the Netherlands equalized the score in the second half. Extra time score also remained equal with no goals scored. The United States got promoted in Semis with 4 goals to 2 in penalties. 

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