Tokyo Olympics Basketball: Quarter-finals reports.

Tokyo Olympics Basketball Quarterfinals

Tokyo Olympics Basketball event has finally moved to the Quarterfinals stage. The group stage round saw some upset wins but eventually stronger teams came on top to advance. Esteban Ocon wins maiden f1 race as Verstappen finishes 11th.

Boomers beat Argentina to set up Olympic basketball clash with USA | Tokyo  Olympic Games 2020 | The Guardian
Australia in action at Tokyo Olympics – The Guardian

Men Quarterfinals:

Australia vs Argentina:

It was only the 1st Quarter when the game looked equal [ 18-22 ] in Argentina’s favor. After that, it was a blowout for Argentina. The second quarter and the third quarter when very disappointing for Argentina’s team. Australia took the second and the third quarter [ 21-11 ] and [ 21-15 ] respectively. A pure dominance from the Australians in the 4th quarter outscoring Argentina [ 37-11 ]. Thus, Winning the game with the final score of [ 97-59 ].

France vs Italy:

Unlike the first quarterfinals, it was a competitive game. Italy taking the 1st quarter [ 20-25 ] had already taken the game to the next level. France responds taking the second quarter [ 23-17 ]. They continued with the same momentum on the attacking as well as defending side to outscore Italy [ 21-12 ] in the 3rd quarter. Italy tried to come back in the 4th quarter but France was up to the task. The game finished with [ 84-75 ] in France’s favor.

United States vs Spain:

It was the most entertaining game in the quarterfinals section. Because obviously, USA was playing. Both teams had experienced players with Spain had more players playing past their prime. Spain came out to lead the 1st quarter [ 21-19 ]. But at halftime, USA tied the game taking the 2nd quarter [ 22-24 ]. the 3rd and 4th quarters showed the dominance of the USA team. Taking the quarters [ 26-20 ] and [ 26-18 ] respectively. The final score was [ 95-81 ].

Slovenia vs Germany:

Slovenia showed early about how they are gonna play the game. Taking the 1st quarter on their side [ 25-14 ]. Germany responded well to outscore Slovenia by 4 points [ 23-19 ]. It was then the Slovenia show as they cruised the 3rd and 4th quarter with [ 22-17 ] and [ 28-16 ] respectively. A. Zevrev wins gold and N. Djokovic went medalless.

Women Quarterfinals:

United States vs Australia:

Team USA stormed the first quarter with a whopping 14 points lead taking the quarter [ 26-12 ]. It was a horror show for the Australians as they continue their bad day. the second, and the third quarter showed a similar story. USA took them [ 22-15 ] and [ 20-12 ] respectively. Australia took the last quarter [ 16-11 ] but it was too late. the game ended with [ 79-55 ] on the scoreboard.

Serbia vs China:

Serbia enters the semifinals beating China [ 77-70 ]. The first quarter went to Serbia [ 16-14 ]. While the second quarter was a tie at [ 19-19 ]. The 3rd quarter saw China taking a good lead advantage entering the 4th quarter [ 14-25 ]. Serbia was determined to come back and they did come back claiming the 4th quarter [ 28-12 ]. Disappointing end to the game for the Chinese team. Good, come back win for Serbia.

Japan vs Belgium:

The hosts were in action as they took on Belgium. The first quarter was very much equal with only a 3 point narrow lead for the host [ 19-16 ]. Belgium muscled their way through with [ 22-26 ] in the second quarter. Only a 1 point lead at halftime for the visitors. The hosts were again outscored by [ 20-26 ] in the 3rd quarter, as Belgium comfortably leading with 7 crucial points. The game will go to the last possession with both teams hustling for a win. Japan was 2 points behind with 15 seconds at the clock when a 3 drained from behind the arc. Belgium tried to score at the last possession but could not score the game-winner shot. The fourth quarter belonged to the hosts [ 25-17 ]. And it was enough to win by just 1 point. A great win for Japan.

France vs Spain:

France jumps out to an early lead in the first quarter [ 21-16 ]. It turned out to be the same throughout the game. The second quarter was equal and low scoring with [ 15-14 ] in France’s favor. Again a same result in the third quarter [ 19-18 ] for France. Spain would go for the last push claiming the last quarter [ 12-16 ] but it was not enough. The final score [ 67-64 ] for France. It was a very low-scoring game indeed. France through to Olympics Basketball Semifinals.

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