Brazil through to semifinals on penalties.

Tokyo Olympics Football Semifinals

The semi-final of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 was held yesterday. Both the semi-final was exciting to watch. The quarterfinals saw some big upsets as well.

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Men Semifinals:

Mexico vs Brazil:

The first and second half ended with no goals on either side. The match was also 0-0 after the extra time. Penalties decided the victory of the Copa America runners-up in the match. The scoreline on penalties was 4-1 in Brazil’s favor.

Japan vs Spain:

It was also very exciting. Everybody was on the edge of their seats. The match was 0-0 in normal time. Extra time decided the match, the first half of the extra time also ended with no goal. But the home crowd’s hearts were broken by the Spanish team in the next half of the extra time.

The final match up:

Only 2 matches are left to decide the 3 medalists of the tournament. The final is to be held on 7th August between Spain and Brazil. The bronze medal match is to be held on 6th August between Japan and Mexico.

Women Semifinals

Canada vs United states

The clash between neighbors was pretty nerve-racking. The first half of the match looked equal with no goals scored. Both the teams tried their best to reach the final. But the second half was taken care of by Canada. Canada won the match with only 1 goal margin and keeping their clean sheet.

Australia vs Sweden

The first half of the match was edgy, as it was equal with no goals scored. The match could turn either way. But Sweden guarded the second half by not only keeping their clean sheet but also winning the match by scoring 1 crucial goal. Sweden reached the final and will face Canada.

The final match up:

The match for the bronze medal is to be held between the United States and Australia tomorrow.
The Final is to be held between Canada and Sweden on 6th August for the Gold medal.

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