World Rapid Chess Championship 2021: Abdusattorov takes the title.

World Rapid Chess Championship 2021: Abdusattarov Nodirbek.

World Rapid Chess Championship 2021, Warshaw: The Rapid segment comes to an end. The 17-year-old Nodirbek Abdusattorov win the event with 9.5/ 13 became the youngest champion.

Alexandra Kosteniuk claims the Women’s world rapid title only dropped two points and finished with 9/11 points. IM Bibisara Assaubayeva is 17-years old and finished second while GM Valentina Gunina came third.

In the very first round of Day 3, Abdusattorov faced the world champion, Magnus Carlsen. The young Uzbek was mounting too much pressure with accurate moves. Magnus Carlsen knew he had a draw but he went for a win and in that process, he suffered miserably. Carlsen was able go into an equal queen endgame but his hunger for a win failed him.

Ian Nepomniachtchi won a queen and rook against Grischuk and that put him above Carlsen tied with Abdusattotov.

The game between Firoujza and Nakamura was online like a match. The Iranian had a winning advantage but when Hikaru rolls his dice he is a beast. However, he could not defeat Firuoujza but miraculously drew the game.

World Rapid Chess Championship 2021, Warshaw: Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi.
Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi.

World Rapid Chess Championship 2021: World Chess Championship rematch.

Round 11 saw a world Chess Championship 2021, pairing. Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi were facing each other. They agreed on a draw and it was the cleanest game and can be mistaken for a classical game. Although, Carlsen had an opportunity on move 15, but failed to find it.

Caruana who was tied with Magnus also drew his game against Duda. The game too was of the highest quality and nothing was lacking. It showed the best moves of the engine line.

Had Fedoseev Vladimir held on an advantage Magnus Carlsen would have a chance. Abdusattorov had a bad game and was dead lost, but just like Nakamura, he saved the game to a draw. Thus carrying his advantage ahead.

World Rapid Chess Championship 2021, Warshaw: Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura.
Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura.

Round 12: six players battling for second spot.

In this round, Nepo was up against Nakamura and they ended their match in a 14-move draw in a Berlin. On the other side, Magnus Carlsen converted a difficult rook vs bishop endgame with a pawn for each side.

Grischuk vs. Caruana featured a queen sacrifice by Black, but one that only lead to an equal position. The decisive blow came after Grischuk erred with 28. Kxf2??, allowing Black to breakthrough.

The tourney leader, Abdusattorov was now facing Indian GM Gukesh D and it was an insane game. An extremely sharp position that ended in a draw. Once again, it was a highly respectable game for the Uzbek as he again saved the match.

Four players were in first with 9/12: Abdusattorov, Nepo, Carlsen, and Caruana; they were followed by Nakamura, Gukesh, and Duda, half a point behind.

FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship 2021, Day 3 highlights.

World Rapid Chess Championship 2021: Carlsen vs Nakamura.

The last-round match-up was between Nakamura and Carlsen. Nakamura was unbeaten at this point and also didn’t lose this one. It was Queen’s Gambit Declined and solidly played game.

All the top-board games—Caruana vs. Nepo and Abdusattorov vs. Duda—ended in draws, actually, which is not so unusual in the final rounds of these elite events, when the competition only gets increasingly harder.

Abdusattorov was once again in a bad position but somehow managed his way against Duda. Sergey karjakin managed to find a win in an impressive two rooks vs knight and rook endgame with zero pawns after 83 moves.

After the last round, four players were tied for the first spot with 9.5 points out of 13. But only the top two would play the playoffs: Abdusattorov and Nepomniachtchi.

The playoffs between Abdusattaarov and Ian Nepomniachtchi.

The first game saw a draw in a complicated knight endgame where Nepo ultimately sacrificed his knight to liquidate White’s remaining pawns.

In the second game, however, Nodirbek played confidently against one of the world’s greatest speed-chess players. Having a time advantage for most of the game, but ultimately slipping into a crazy under-10-second time scramble, he emerged victorious out of a four-rook endgame.

Abdusattorov pocketed $60,000 for finishing in first, Nepo $50,000, and Carlsen $40,000. Although Caruana finished the 13-round Swiss event with 9.5 points like the others, the tiebreak system puts him at 4th place, where he will win $30,000.

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