PKL 2021: Mumba dodges Bulls in the opener.

PKL 2021, U Mumba vs Bangaluru Bulls: Pawan Kumar being tackled.

PKL 2021, Bengaluru: The Pro Kabbadi League, 2021 edition is underway with a fiery clash between Bengaluru Bulls and U Mumba. It was although a one-sided match as the Hosts fail to stop the attack from Mumba, 30-46.

Starting the match was Pawan Kumar raiding for the Bulls. Just five seconds in and Pawan goes down from Harendra Kumar’s superb tackle. The bulls too on the other end got their tackle in leading 2-1 after two minutes.

The hosts were quite superb in the raiding department gaining 27 points against 26 points from the visitors. For the Bulls, Chandran Ranjit, who was taken for 80 Lakhs, scored 13 points and Pawan Kumar collected 12 points.

PKL 2021, Bengaluru: Abhishek Singh.
Abhishek Singh.

For the visitors, Abhishek Singh’s 19 points performance was killing Bull’s defense. Ajith Kumar aided him with 6 raid points combining for 25 points.

After three minutes of play, it was Bengaluru with a slight lead of three points, 4-1. However, U Mumba equalized the game at 5-5 with 5 five minutes up the clock.

It was the moment when Abhishek Singh went on his run. With 12:33 remaining in the first half, Abhishek Singh gave Bangaluru a fallout gaining two extra points for his team. The visitors at that point were leading by five points at 12-7.

The new recruiter, however, put up a three-point raid to cut the lead to just two. It was the raiders who were constantly keeping the hosts in the game. While the defenders were having a hard time.

A flying jump escape from Abhishek Singh meant an increase in the lead for U Mumba. With the last raid, the 19 point raider grabbed one point again to end the half. Mumba was leading by 7 points going to the break.

What a performance from Abhishek collecting 14 raid points alone in the first half. The start of the second half was a similar story for both teams. Abhishek Singh straight away grabbed a raid point and then an all-out in the next raid.

Bengaluru Bulls started their slow recovery cutting the lead from 10 to 6. The game was then swinging from here to there.

The momentum shifted its course when five minutes remained. The bulls collapsed, thus giving U Mumba an easy victory.

Harendra Kumar led the way in tackles with four successful tackles. While Matur Kadam managed two tackle points for the Bulls.

PKL 2021, Bangaluru Bulls vs U Mumba Match 1 highlights.


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