PKL: Auction 2021 full highlights.

PKL: Pro Kabaddi League 2021 auction

PKL: Pardeep Narwal gets 1.65 crores from UP Yoddha. Siddharth Desai staying at Telugu for 1.30 crore. Abozar Mohajer Mighani was the costliest foreign player to be sold at the auction. 10 men Chelsea stops Liverpool for a draw with their defensive IQ.


Big guns finds low ammo in PKL.

With younger prospects emerging with every season. Veterans find it hard to get past. Ajay Thakur will join Naveen Kumar at Delhi on a 46 lakh deal. On the other hand, Rahul Chaudhari will get 40 lakhs from Puneri Paltan.

Telugu gets Rohit Kumar with the price tag of 36 lakhs, while Jeeva Kumar was roped by Delhi for 44 lakhs. Ravinder Pahal found fortune with Gujarat fortune giants on a 74 lakh contract.

Some younger players got hefty figures including Arjun Deshwal (Jaipur Pink Panther 96 lakhs), Sachin (Patna Pirates 84 lakhs), Rohit Gulia (Haryana Steelers 83 lakhs), Chandran Ranjit (Bengaluru Bulls 80 lakhs), Manjit (Tamil Thalaivas 75 Lakhs), K Prapanjan (Tamil Thalaivas 71 lakhs), and many more. BCCI will get 5000 crores from new IPL teams?

Rahul Chaudhari was bought Puneri Paltan in PKL auction 2021.
Rahul Chaudhari was bought Puneri Paltan in PKL auction 2021.

Full list of players sold at PKL 2021 Auction.

Player nameTeamsBase price (Rs lakh)Final bid price (Rs lakh)
Pardeep Narwal (Raider)UP Yoddha30165
Siddharth Desai (Raider)Telugu Titans30130
Arjun Deshwal (raider)Jaipur Pink Panthers2096
Manjeet (Raider)Tamil Thalaivas3092
Sachin (Raider)Patna Pirates3084
Rohit Gulia (all-rounder)Haryana Steelers3083
Chandran Ranjit (Raider)Bengaluru Bulls3080
Surjeet Singh (Defender)Tamil Thalaivas3075
Ravinder Pahal (Defender)Gujarat Giants3074
Shriant Jadhav (Raider)UP Yoddha3072
K Prapanjan (Raider)Tamil Thalaivas3071
Nitin Tomar (Raider)Puneri Paltan2061
Vishal Bhardwaj (Defender)Puneri Paltan3060
Baldev Singh (Defender)Puneri Paltan3060
Sandeep Narwal (all-rounder)Dabang Delhi2060
Sandeep (Defender)Telugu Titans1059.5
Deepak Niwas HoodaJaipur Pink Panthers3055
Surender Singh (Defend er)Telugu Titans3055
Prashant Kumar Rai (Raider)Patna Pirates3055
Brijendra Singh Chaudhary (All-rounder)Haryana Steelers1055
Mahender Singh (Defender)Bengaluru Bulls3050
Ajay Thakur (Raider)Dabang Delhi2046
Sandeep Kumar Dhull (Defender)Jaipur Pink Panthers3045
Jeeva Kumar (Defender)Dabang Delhi2044
Rahul Chaudhari (Raider)Puneri Paltan3040
Rohit Kumar (Raider)Telugu Titans3036
Sombir (Defender)Puneri Paltan1034.5
Rinku (Defender)U Mumba1032
Sunil (Defender)Patna Pirates2031.5
Sukesh Hegde (Raider)Bengal Warriors2030
Athul MS (Raider)Tamil Thalaivas2030
Ravi Kumar (Defender)Haryana Steelers2027.5
Deepak Narwal (Raider)Bengaluru Bulls2026.5
More G B (raider)Bengaluru Bulls2025
Ajith V Kumar (Raider)U Mumba2025
Rathan k (Raider)Gujarat Giants1025
Naveen (Raider)Jaipur Pink Panthers2022
Vikas Jaglan (all-rounder)Haryana Steelers2020
Dharmaraj Cheralathan (defender)Jaipur Pink Panthers2020
Joginder Singh Narwal (Defender)Dabang Delhi2020
Surender Nada (defender)Haryana Steelers2020
Sonu (Raider)Gujarat Giants2020
Sumit Singh (Raider)Bengal Warriors2020
Amit (Defender)Jaipur Pink Panthers1020
Manjeet Chillar (All-rounder)Dabang Delhi2020
Rishank Devadiga (Raider)Bengal Warriors2020
Monu Goyat (Raider)Patna Pirates2020
Girish Maruti Ernak (Defender)Gujarat Giants2020
Ruturaj Shivaji Koravi (Defender)Telugu Titans1019.8
Ajinkya Ashok Pawar (Raider)Tamil Thalaivas1019.5
Guman Singh (Raider)Patna Pirates1018.5
Sachin Vittala (Defender)Bengal Warriors1017.5
Akash Pikalmunde (Raider)Bengal Warriors1017
Sourabh Tanaji Patil (All-rounder)Tamil Thalaivas1015
Mayur Jagannath Kadam (Defender)Bengaluru Bulls1015
Mahendra Ganesh Rajput (Raider)Gujarat Giants1015
Manoj Gowda (All-rounder)Bengal Warriors1010
Sajin Chandrasekar (All-rounder)Patna Pirates1010
Rajesh Narwal (All-rounder)Haryana Steelers1010
Ajay Ghanghas (All-rounder)Haryana Steelers1010
Gurdeep ((All-rounder)UP Yoddha1010
E Subash (All-rounder)Puneri Paltan1010
Pankaj (All-rounder)U Mumba1010
Vijin Thangadurai (Defender)Bengal Warriors1010
Parveen (Defender)Bengal Warriors1010
Sourav Gulia (Defender)Patna Pirates1010
Rohit Banne (Defender)Bengal Warriors1010
Gaurav Kumar (Defender)UP Yoddha1010
Rajesh Gurjar (Defender)Haryana Steelers1010
Sunil Siddhgavali (Defender)U Mumba1010
Sandeep (Defender)Patna Pirates1010
Darshan J (Defender)Bengal Warriors1010
Adarsh T (Defender)Telugu Titans1010
Ankit (Defender)Bengaluru Bulls1010
Shubham Shinde (Defender)Patna Pirates1010
Karamvir (Defender)Puneri Paltan1010
Ajeet (Defender)U Mumba1010
Sahil (Raider)UP Yoddha1010
Ashok (Raider)Jaipur Pink Panthers1010
Bhavani Rajput (Raider)Tamil Thalaivas1010
Maninder Singh (Raider)Gujarat Giants1010
Harshit Yadav (Raider)Gujarat Giants1010
Jashandeep Singh (Raider)U Mumba1010
Rahul Rana (Raider)U Mumba1010
Vishwas S (Raider)Puneri Paltan1010
Gulveer Singh (Raider)UP Yoddha1010
Ankit (Raider)UP Yoddha1010
C Arun (Defender)Telugu Titans1010
Sahil (Defender)Tamil Thalaivas1010
Amit Nagar (Raider)Jaipur Pink Panthers1010
Vikas (Defender)Bengaluru Bulls1010
Shaul Kumar (Defender)Jaipur Pink Panthers1010
Ashish Kumar Sangwan (All-rounder)U Mumba1010
Pardeep Kumar (Raider)Gujarat Giants1010
Sagar B Krishna (All-rounder)Tamil Thalaivas1010
Aashish Nagar (Defender)UP Yoddha1010
Sushant Sail (Raider)Dabang Delhi1010
Ajay Kumar (Raider)Gujarat Giants1010
Santhapanaselvam (All-rounder)Tamil Thalaivas1010
Rohit (All-rounder)Bengal Warriors66
Abinesh Nadarajan (Defender)Puneri Paltan66
Vikas (Defender)Dabang Delhi66
G Raju (Raider)Telugu Titans66
Amit Chauhan (Raider)Telugu Titans66
Sourav Kumar (Defender)Puneri Paltan66
full list of Indian players sold at PKL 2021.

Foreign players list sold at PKL Auction 2021.

Player nameTeamsBase price (Rs lakh)Final bid price (Rs lakh)
Mohammad MalakDabang Delhi1010
Abozar Mohajer MighaniBengal Warriors2030.50
Jang Kun LeePatna Pirates2020.50
Mohsen Maghsoudlou JafariU Mumba1012.80
Victor Onyango ObieroPuneri Paltan1010
Hamid Mirzaei NaderHaryana Steelers1012.10
Mohammadreza Shadloui ChiyanehPatna Pirates1031
Abe TetsuroTelugu Titans1010
Soleiman PahlevaniGujarat Giants1011.50
Ziaur RahmanBengaluru Bulls1012.50
Dong Geon LeeBengaluru Bulls1012.50
Abolfazl Maghsodlou MahaliBengaluru Bulls1013
Mohammad Esmaeil MaghsodlouHaryana Steelers1013.20
Mohammad Taghi Paein MahaliUP Yoddha1012
Mohammad Amin NosratiJaipur Pink Panthers1011
Amir Hossein MohammadmalekiJaipur Pink Panthers1010
Emad Sedaghat NiaDabang Delhi1010.20
Anwar Saheed BabaTamil Thalaivas1010
Hyunsu ParkTelugu Titans1010
Hadi OshtorakGujarat Giants2020
Mohammad Tuhin TarafderTamil Thalaivas1010
Md. Masud KarimUP Yoddha1010
full list of foreign players sold at PKL 2021 auction.

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